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Memory foam pillow

2020-06-29 00:00:00
Memory foam pillow
Detailed introduction:

Slow rebound memory pillow also known as memory cotton memory pillow, can reduce the pressure on the head neck, that is to absorb the pressure of the human body. When the human body contacts the material, the material will sense the temperature of the human body gradually become soft. At the same time, it absorbs the pressure of the human body, thus adjusting the human body to the most comfortable posture. What is shown on the mattress pillow is that when people lie on the mattress pillow, the spine is S-shaped natural physiological bending state when lying on the mattress pillow, while the spine does bend when lying on the side. At the same time, mattresses pillows have no compression point on the human body, which is the material.


Slow rebound memory pillow

Slow rebound memory pillow

1. Absorb the impact force. When the pillow is on the top, it feels as if it is floating on the water on the cloud, the skin does feel oppressed; it is also known as zero pressure. Sometimes when we use the ordinary pillow, we will have the phenomenon of pressing the auricle, but this will happen when we use the slow rebound pillow.

2. According to the ergonomic design, memory deformation, the ability of automatic molding can fix the head reduce the possibility of falling into the pillow; the ability of automatic molding can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problem of air leakage in the quilt at the shoulder, effectively prevent cervical problems.

3. Antifungal anti mite, slow rebound sponge can inhibit the growth of mold, drive away the pungent odor produced by mold reproduction growth. It is more prominent when there is sweat saliva.

4. Air permeability moisture absorption, because each cell unit is connected with each other, the hygroscopicity is excellent, it is also breathable.


Good protection ability, superior chemical resistance performance: for most acids, bases, salts are chemically inert, good liquid barrier protection function.

Waterproof breathable

Porous material, good air permeability. Due to the fine density of the fiber, liquid water oil can be easily penetrated, while gas water vapor can be penetrated, which has excellent waterproof air permeability.

Good anti penetration function of solid particles: the special physical structure can completely block the tiny mites dust prevent their penetration. Excellent bacteria blocking effect: it can be used in the packaging of sterile medical products. Low Fuzziness: durable, no pilling.

High strength excellent dimensional stability: easy to process, no change in dry wet strength due to no water absorption. Determined by the properties of the material itself, the size does change with humidity. At constant temperature, it can maintain good dimensional stability in the range of 0-100% relative humidity. At - 73 ℃, it still maintains toughness flexibility, it begins to shrink at 118 ℃ melts at 135 ℃. Therefore, the heating temperature should exceed 79 degrees to avoid deformation. Ironing is recommended for home textiles. Excellent flexibility: folding resistance, gold laboratory test, after 80000 times of compression test, the wear rate of the material is less than 5%, while the wear rate of other high resilience materials of ordinary polyurethane cotton is about 10-15%.

Maintenance method

The maintenance of slow rebound memory pillow is mainly the maintenance of pillow core pillow case, because memory pillow ordinary pillow have essential difference, so can't use conventional maintenance way.

Maintenance of folding pillow core

The pillow core should be placed in a cool ventilated place for natural ventilation after 1-3 months of use, should be exposed to the sun. In the process of use, it must be watered. Although the memory cotton is hygroscopic, it can't be dried after moisture absorption can only be air dried.

It is forbidden to press the pillow core for a long time. Some people keep pressing the pillow core with heavy objects when they are in use, because they have been pressed heavily for a long time may rebound.

Maintenance of folding pillow case

The pillow case of slow rebound memory pillow can be made of relatively few materials, because it should be elastic easy to handle. Whether the memory pillow is butterfly shaped wavy, it is different the conventional pillow. Therefore, ordinary pillow case cannot be used. The main widely used materials are air layer fabric short wool fabric, which can be washed directly.


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