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Self skinned handrail

2020-06-29 00:00:00
Self skinned handrail
Detailed introduction:

Self formed foam plastic, also known as molded foam plastic, is English "Selfskinning foam" "ntegral skin foam" (short for sF). It does use other plastics as surface materials, relies on foaming components to form sheet foam core materials in foaming forming. It is also a special process to use polyurethane components to form foam plastic products with solid epidermis at once. Since the skin foam has a high strength surface layer, the total physical mechanical properties of the product are much higher than that of the ordinary polyurethane foam with the same density. On the contrary, under the premise of the same physical properties, only low density self skinning products are needed. In this way, under the premise of quality guarantee, the purpose of saving consumption reducing product cost is achieved. Therefore, the self wound foam plastic products are widely used in steering wheel, handrails, headrest, bicycle saddles, motorcycle saddles, arm chairs headrest, door handles, baffles bumpers.

Introduction of Pu self skinning foaming process

The outer skin core layer of PU self foam foam are made simultaneously in one forming process, that is, the epidermis core layer are made of the same material.

The strong skin is the result of physical action. In the reaction mixture composed of polyol A isocyanate B, the added physical foaming agent is formed due to heating

The foam cell is full of steam. If it meets the mold wall at low temperature, the heat will be discharged the steam will dissolve in polyurethane. The foam cell will break, the high temperature core material will be convenient

It is pressed into a strong skin until the heat input output are balanced. Therefore, the mold temperature will directly affect the skin thickness of ISF. The mold temperature is low, the product skin is thick;

The mold temperature is high the epidermis is thin.

The machinery for manufacturing ISF can be low-pressure foaming machine high-pressure foaming machine, but most of them tend to use high-pressure foaming machine to prepare ISF products. Because high pressure mechanical foaming has

Several features:


① Materials are mixed by high pressure impact, instant contact, material viscosity is thin, mixing is uniform;

② With high foaming pressure good material fluidity, it can be transported to the complex mold, especially the products with embedded parts;

③ It can be opened closed for injection, with no material loss low cost;

④ It can transport high viscosity, containing fillers such as glass fiber a, B two-component materials;

⑤ There is no mixing chamber in the high-pressure machine, so solvent cleaning is needed after each injection, which only reduces the cost, shortens the working interval time, but also avoids environmental pollution.

There are many kinds of foreign machines, the price is expensive the quality is good. Domestic units have already produced them, the price is cheap, only 1 / 6-1 / 8 of the foreign price.

It is worth pointing out that the density strength of molded foam plastics are only affected by the amount of foaming agent, but also related to the loading coefficient of A B reactive materials.


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