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Polyurethane thermal insulation material

2020-06-29 00:00:00
Polyurethane thermal insulation material
Detailed introduction:


Product composition characteristics

The rigid polyurethane foam cold pipe support is mainly composed of multifunctional organic isocyanates mixed polyether polyols. A rigid polyurethane foam prepared by interaction complex chemical reaction under the condition of catalyst various special additives. In the production process of the products, due to the selection of specific polyurethane raw materials with higher functionality, the scientific selection of auxiliary materials material ratio, the compressive strength of the products was effectively improved. Moreover, the physical chemical properties of the cold insulation pipe bracket products can fully meet the requirements of the application process. After testing by the relevant authority departments, the indicators have reached exceeded the technical level of similar foreign products, Its products have the following advantages: high density, density can be adjusted in 200 ~ 500kg / m3 according to different applications, high compression strength, up to 4 ~ 20MPa, thermal conductivity of 0.052, low thermal conductivity, low moisture permeability, low water absorption, meet the requirements of cold insulation. It has excellent hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, acid alkali resistance, is inflammable. It meets the requirements of national safety requirements. The density of -165 degree -180 is 300-500.

1. Thickness of insulation layer: 100 mm

The thermal conductivity is 0.024

Polyurethane thermal insulation material

Polyurethane thermal insulation material

3 oxidation index; 28


5 water absorption; 1

6 strength; 10 MPa


The storage of isocyanate (commonly known as black material) combined polyether (commonly known as white material) must be in a sealed container to isolate air prevent moisture absorption.

The bucket of isocyanate polyether should be exposed to the sun. It must be kept away the heat source placed in a cool dry place. If the barrel is placed upright, there should be no ponding on the lid! If the whole barrel cannot be used up at one time, the lid must be closed immediately after each use to prevent moisture impurities entering the barrel affecting the quality. If more than two brands of polyether are used, they should be stacked in different grades with obvious marks. The storage time of composite polyether added with common flame retardant should be too long. It must be prepared on the same day used on the same day, otherwise it is easy to cause deterioration affect the foaming quality.

Folding operation

Polyurethane thermal insulation material

Polyurethane thermal insulation material

Protective glasses, work clothes caps must be worn when operating isocyanate polyether; clean rubber gloves should be worn when operating isocyanate. The working environment must be well ventilated clean. When the ambient temperature is high, the pressure will be generated due to the partial vaporization of the foaming agent in the combined polyether. Therefore, the exhaust cover should be opened first to release the gas pressure, then the barrel cover should be opened. When flame retardant is applied to the foam (Note: self extinguishing), additive flame retardants can be used. The amount of ordinary flame retardants is 15~20% of the white material weight. The flame retardant must be stirred evenly in white material before foaming.

The proportion of black white should refer to the technical information leaflet of relevant models of combined polyether. Customers using flame retardant should pay attention to include the flame retardant when calculating the proportion of white material after adding flame retardant. If the proportion of black white material is 1:1 15kg flame retardant is added to 100kg white material, the black material consumption is 115KG.

When manual foaming operation is done, proportionally weigh the black white materials proportionally pour them into the container at the same time. After stirring for 8~10 seconds with a stirrer of 2000 rpm more, pour the foam into the mold, the ejection time depends on the requirements of the product the thickness of the foam.


When skin comes into contact with the polyether combination, wash with soap water.

When handling isocyanate, special attention should be paid to it, because it has certain irritation. Do inhale its vapor, do splash it on the skin eyes.

If it is splashed on the skin eyes, it must be wiped off immediately with sanitary cotton, then washed with plenty of water for 15 minutes, then washed with soap alcohol. If it is still serious, it should be treated immediately. In case of large area of isocyanate sprinkling, sand sawdust shall be used for covering treatment, then a large amount of water shall be used to wash the ground. When the clothes are contaminated with isocyanate, the solution containing 50% ethanol, 45% water 5% concentrated ammonia must be used for treatment, then washed with soap.

Note: please pay attention to the storage method safe operation.

Scope of application

Polyurethane thermal insulation material is the best thermal insulation material in the world. Rigid polyurethane has many excellent properties, such as light weight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, aging resistance, easy to bond with other base materials, combustion does produce droplets other excellent properties. It is widely used in the roof, wall, ceiling, floor, doors windows of buildings as thermal insulation materials in European American countries. About 49% of building thermal insulation materials in developed countries such as Europe America are polyurethane materials, while in China, the proportion is less than 10%.

As an excellent polymer material, polyurethane insulation material has become the fifth largest plastic after polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene polystyrene. The global total output has exceeded 10 million tons / year. In recent years, China's polyurethane industry has achieved considerable development, has been widely used in refrigerators, containers, leather, shoe-making textile fields. The vigorous promotion in building energy-saving other fields will create huge development space for China's polyurethane industry.

1、 Application in daily life

Furniture industry application

1. Paint, 2. Paint, 3. Adhesive, 4. Sofa, 5. Mattress, 6. Armrest

Application of household appliances

1. Electrical insulation paint 2. Wire cable sheath 3. Insulation layer of refrigerator, freezer, disinfection cabinet, water heater, etc. 4. Waterproof pouring glue for electronic components of washing machine

Application in construction industry

1. Sealant, 2. Adhesive, 3. Roof waterproof insulation layer, 4. Cold storage insulation, 5. Interior exterior wall coating, 6. Floor paint, 7. Synthetic wood


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