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Some emergency procedures for exposure to MDI

2020-09-08 09:10:43



All employees working in the area exposed to chemical MDI should have proper training of first aid procedures. Work experience shows that such first-aid training can minimize the possible adverse effects caused by accidental leakage of MDI.


Quickly move inhalers contaminated areas to fresh air seek medical care. Pay attention to keep the inhaler quiet warm, but too hot. If breathing is smooth, it can be oxygenated manually. If inspiration stops, chest compression should be carried out.

Skin contact

If skin is in contact, rinse thoroughly with soap water (recent studies have shown that cereal oil a detergent based on sodium salicylate hexane can remove MDI more reasonably than water soap, it is also important to clean up immediately after contamination). Remove contaminated clothing (including boots) quickly while washing. If skin is scalded irritated, seek medical advice immediately. First add 8% sodium hydroxide to soak for one hour, then wash the contaminated clothes with boiling water detergent. Destroy all leather products that contain shoes, various ties watch chains, as this is washable.

Eye contact

If the MDI of the liquid enters into the eyes, it should be washed immediately continuously with bottom pressure water, eye tap water should be used as much as possible. If you often wear contact lenses, you should remove them wash your eyes continuously for at least 15 minutes. See the doctor immediately.

Oral intake

If a careless intake of MDI, should let the user drink a lot of water milk (2-3 cups), but do have to vomit. Immediately move it to an area with medical equipment inform medical staff of the characteristics level of poisoning.

Doctors should pay attention to: because MDI has no actual detoxification, doctors should pay close attention to the reaction of patients in distinguishing treating MDI. it must be carried out after inspection.



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