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Polymer polyol-2045
Polymer polyol-2045

Polymer polyol-2045

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  • Release date:2020-09-14 17:04:23
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Polyurethane polyol polymer gel, also known as white polyether polymer polyol, is polymer - polyether dispersion is an organic filled polyether polyol, used for the preparation of high load high modulus soft semi rigid polyurethane foam plastic products. This organic filled polyether is used in part in place of general polyether polyols. It can produce foam plastics with low density high load-bearing properties, which only meet the requirements of hardness, but also save raw materials, so they are very popular with manufacturers.   

Vinyl polymer grafted polyether polyol is commonly known as "polymer polyol" (POP) for short. It is based on general polyether polyol (generally based on general soft foam polyether triol high activity polyether), with vinyl monomers initiators such as acrylonitrile, styrene, methyl methacrylate, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, etc, It was prepared by free radical grafting polymerization under the protection of nitrogen at about 100 ℃. At present, it is an important kind of Polyols for molding bulk soft semi rigid polyurethane foam plastics.


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