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Polyether polyol 330n
Polyether polyol 330n

Polyether polyol 330n

  • Classification:Soft foam polyether
  • Release date:2020-09-14 16:59:56
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  • Product overview

Name: polyether polyol

Model: 330n

Index parameters

Oh value (mgKOH / g) 34 ± 2

Viscosity (MPA · s) 800-1000

Molecular weight Mw 5000

Function (f) 3

Chromaticity APHA < 10

Moisture moisturecontent (%) < 0.05

Acid value mgKOH / g 0.08

Unsaturated value MG1 / kg ≤ 5

Potassium sodium ion ppm ≤ 5


Polyether polyol (hereinafter referred to as polyether) is prepared by the addition reaction of initiator (compounds containing active hydrogen groups such as ethylene glycol, glycerol, pentaerythritol, ethylenediamine, etc.) with ethylene oxide (EO) propylene oxide (PO) in the presence of catalyst. Generally, it is liquid at normal temperature, with low freezing point good fluidity at low temperature. Low toxicity non-toxic, some varieties can be used in medical food industry. Flammable, but flammable explosive. It is one of the basic raw materials of polyurethane industry. A kind of

Soft foam polyether

It is usually prepared by ring opening polymerization of propylene oxide triol with propylene glycol diethylene glycol as initiator

Polyether 210, molecular weight 1000, 2 functionality, propylene glycol initiator

Polyether 220, molecular weight 2000, 2 functionality, propylene glycol initiator

Polyether 330, molecular weight 3000, 3 functionality, glycerol initiator

Polyether 330n, molecular weight 5000, 3 functionality, glycerol initiator

The above four polyethers are widely used in the flexible polyurethane foam industry, can also be used in the production of polyurethane adhesives elastomers.



Polyether polyol [1] is a methyl terminated oligomer. The methyl groups in the carbon chain are linked by ether bonds. The polyether polyol with low relative molecular weight, polyamines chemical substances containing cheerful hydrogen are used as starting stopping agents, the ring opening transfer function of cyclohexanol oxidized by air under the effect of metal catalyst is aggregated. Air oxidation of cyclohexanol is mainly air oxidation of PE (propylene oxide) air oxidation of butadiene (ethylene oxide), in which propylene oxide is more important. Starting stopping agents of polyether polyols include propylene glycol, ethylene glycol other diols, ternary alcohols such as Vaseline trimethylolpropane gas, polyether polyols such as pentaerythritol, tetraol, maltitol, sorbitol raffinose; the starting stopping agents of acrylamide are diethylamine diethylenetriamine.

Polyol polyethers are commonly used, such as propylene glycol methacrylate with relative molecular weight of 800-2000, polymer polyol manufacturers with relative molecular weight of 400-4000, methyl terminated polytetrahydrofuran: the meta alkali metal catalyst left over during aggregation should be removed the methacrylate epoxy resin used as adhesive, because they can catalyze the reaction of polyol polyether, which is harmful The quality of the adhesive. Generally, acid is used to combine. It makes methacrylate present very weak acid base (does harm the reflection of polyurethane material). In order to prepare polyurethane adhesive, the commonly used methacrylate is very strict, except for the hydroxyl value acid value, the potassium ion content should be less than 10. The moisture content is lower than 0.05%; otherwise, the glue may be suspected. Polyurethane adhesive prepared with methacrylate epoxy resin has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance ultra-low temperature resistance.


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