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Polymer polyol-3628
Polymer polyol-3628

Polymer polyol-3628

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  • Release date:2020-09-14 17:03:56
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Polyurethane waterproof building coating is to get rid of the defects of traditional asphalt waterproof materials pop polymer polyol waterproof materials. In 1960's, a new type of waterproof material appeared in Europe, America Japan. Because of its excellent practical effect of overall moisture-proof, stable reliable characteristics, convenient engineering construction, convenient adjustment of its composition, it is suitable for moisture-proof leakage repair of different parts of housing construction, so it becomes important.

In the engineering construction industry, the problems such as heat insulation thermal insulation, improvement of power energy efficiency, polyol polymer material ground, anti slip carriageway epoxy floor, energy consumption reduction must be considered in the design of engineering construction, Rigid polyurethane foam has excellent characteristics such as light weight, low heat transfer coefficient, good temperature resistance, anti-aging, easy bonding with other boards, igniting no droplets, so on. It is a good thermal insulation material in the world at present. It is commonly used as insulation materials for engineering building roofs, walls, ceiling ceiling, epoxy floor, windows doors.

With the rapid increase of the production of polymer polyol stabilizer, the ceramic mold of wall tile is also facing more more fierce challenges. Today's mold processing has been unable to consider the basic production manufacturing regulations, but only a good choice of abrasive tool engineering construction mold materials.


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