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Polymer polyol-3630
Polymer polyol-3630

Polymer polyol-3630

  • Classification:Polymer polyols
  • Release date:2020-09-14 17:03:32
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The continuous process is to continuously add all raw materials into the tubular reactor after stirring. Because of the expansion of particles the generation of new particles in the continuous process the continuous feeding anti mixing of particles in the tubular reactor, the stable decentralized management system with wide particle size is generally produced. The continuous process generally adopts the double kettle process, that is to install two reaction tanks in series on the pop production processing process. The production process is as follows: (basic methacrylate biological macromolecular thickener chain transfer agent pop polymer polyol → seasoning kettle → feeding kettle → first reaction tank → second reaction tank → flash evaporator → film evaporator → finished product receiving tank → packaging storage.

1. There are two methods for seasoning process: one is single flow seasoning, that is, all raw materials are evenly mixed up down at 10 ℃ entered into the software of the reaction system; the other is a dual flow raw material configuration. The first raw material is an / SM / AIBN mixed up down at 10 ℃, the second raw material is basic polymer polyol white oil, bio macromolecular thickener chain transfer agent at 60 ℃ The temperature is well mixed up down. In addition, the double component of Bayer raw material of polymer polyol is fed into the static mixer according to the proportion, then into the aggregation process.


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