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Polyether polyol 307
Polyether polyol 307

Polyether polyol 307

  • Classification:Soft foam polyether
  • Release date:2020-09-14 16:56:49
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Such as desulfurizer, anti scaling thickener, bactericide algicide, coagulant, epoxy resin by ion exchange method, purifier, cleaner, prefilming agent, etc.

Therefore, the production process of polyether polyol should only pay attention to the resistance effect caused by improper mixing among the components, so that the actual effect is reduced lost, but also flexibly use the synergistic effect (the effect of quality improvement efficiency enhancement caused by the coexistence of several drugs) to improve the quality efficiency. In addition, most of the water treatment devices are open system software, there will be a certain amount of consumption, the application of a variety of water treatment agents to the natural environment should be fully considered. Desulfurizer is a kind of chemical products which can avoid alleviate the erosion of metal composite materials machinery equipment after being added in water with appropriate concentration value method. It has the characteristics of good effect, less use convenient use.

According to the type of polyether polyol reaction, it can be divided into inorganic desulfurizer organic chemical desulfurizer. It can be divided into anodic oxidation desulfurizer, negative desulfurizer composite desulfurizer according to whether the inhibition reaction is anodic oxidation reaction, negative electrode reaction both. According to the principle of producing protective film on the surface of metal, desulfurizer can also be divided into passivation film type, settled film type adsorption film type. At present, the common passivation membrane desulfurizers such as chromate, sodium nitrite molybdate are commonly used in wastewater treatment; the common settling film desulfurizers include concentrated polyphosphate, zinc salt, etc.; the common adsorbing membrane desulfurizers are organic chemical amines, etc


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