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MDI for self skinning
MDI for self skinning

MDI for self skinning

  • Classification:Modified MDI
  • Release date:2020-09-14 16:32:36
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  • Product overview

The product is used for

The production of polyurethane self foam plastic foam products has good resilience, compression tensile tear strength, excellent performance so on.

Main components

Prepolymer of diphenylmethane diisocyanate

Product packaging:

Net weight 230 kg, red metal barrel

Storage method:

The unused raw materials should be stored in a well sealed barrel to avoid moisture intrusion affecting the quality of raw materials. The ideal storage temperature of raw material is 35 ± 5 ℃, the storage period of material B is 6 months.

Model parameters




Website optimization information:

Soft plastic plastic foam, if necessary, has good flexibility ductility. HDI isocyanates often use polyether polyols with relatively low functional groups, low hydroxyl value relatively high molecular weight. For example, the average molecular weight in the middle of the chemical crosslinking point in the molecular structure of carbamate macromolecular compounds produced by difunctional isomerization with relative molecular weight of 2000 tri functional group isomerization of methacrylate polyester polyol with relative molecular weight of 3000, hexamethylene diisocyanate. rigid plastic foam must be polyether polyol of methyl degree of polymerization in 3~8, the average molecular weight is about 400~800, its hydroxyl dose is 100 up down. The distance between the chemical crosslinking points in the molecular structure of carbamate is 100 ~ 150. The methacrylate polyester polyols selected semi rigid plastic foam have their functional group isomeric number relative molecular mass close to each other choose the two compounds with different hydroxyl value polyether polyols. The density of soft plastic foam rigid plastic foam is different that of molecular formula. Slow rebound, also known as outer space memory. Originated in the early 1970s, the Ames Institute of British space agency developed products to relieve the working pressure of astronauts when they were away the earth. In the next 20 years, its application was limited to the medical device industry. In the early 90s, the FAGERDALA technology in Germany was transformed into high-tech medical equipment civilian health care fashion products. It was announced that the material was named tempur, namely the temperature magnetic induction foam adhesive (the conversion result was announced in 90s, which was verified by NASA's technology authorized).


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