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Combination of plastic products
Combination of plastic products

Combination of plastic products

  • Classification:Composite material
  • Release date:2020-09-14 16:38:46
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  • Product overview

The product is used for

Production of polyurethane molding products, can be customized formula

Main components

Material a: composite polyether; material B: composite isocyanate

Product packaging:

The net weight of material a is 200kg, blue metal barrel

B material net weight 230 kg, red metal barrel

Storage method:

The unused raw materials should be stored in a well sealed barrel to avoid moisture intrusion affecting the quality of raw materials. The ideal storage temperature of raw material is 35 ± 5 ℃, the storage period of material B is 6 months.




Website optimization information:

Reaction of acrylate with carbamate urea group

The acrylate, alcohol amine react to convert into carbamate functional group substitute urea functional group in polymer. All of them are functional groups with high cohesion bright hydrogen. In the preparation of most raw materials of polyurethane materials, a small part of acrylate group must be embedded intentionally. The coarse MD can be further reflected by the functional group containing the cheerful hydrogen in the polymer. The chemical crosslinking structure of urea formate biuret type is arranged

The two functional groups have great steric effect in indoor space. In order to make them react with acrylate, it is necessary to give a certain kinetic energy. The branching of urea formate should be carried out at a high temperature above 120-140 ℃ with the effect of a moderate metal catalyst. The urea group structure is connected by two hydroxyl groups on a methyl group, which makes the functional group have a certain alkali, so it branched with acrylate The reaction temperature is slightly lower, but it must be above 100 ℃ to get sufficient reaction rate


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