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Gel product combination
Gel product combination

Gel product combination

  • Classification:Composite material
  • Release date:2020-09-14 16:39:46
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  • Product overview

The product is used for:

Producing gel products has good resilience, compression tensile tear strength excellent properties.

Main ingredients:

Prepolymer of diphenylmethane diisocyanate

Product packaging:

A net weight 200 kg, blue metal barrel

B net weight 230 kg, red metal barrel

Storage method:

The unused raw materials should be stored in a well sealed barrel to avoid moisture intrusion affecting the quality of raw materials. The ideal storage temperature of raw material is 35 ± 5 ℃, the storage period of material B is 6 months.

Model parameters




Website optimization information:

Reaction of acrylate formic acid

The reaction of acrylate phenol is similar to that of alcohol, but the relative density of electron cloud of oxygen molecule in methyl group of phenol is reduced due to the electric absorption effect of benzene ring, the reaction specificity between acrylate acrylate is reduced due to the price of polyurethane. The key of such reaction is the closed reaction of acrylate

Reaction of acrylate water

The reaction is the key reflection of polyurethane foam. The price of polyether polyols is converted into carbon dioxide in the reaction, which makes water become organic chemical foam adhesive for foaming polyurethane. However, it shows that excessive heat excessive heat will lead to the burning of core of foam plastics. In addition, excessive water consumption can make the conversion of urea into high polymer, which may cause the soft feeling of PU soft plastic foam to drop. Therefore, PU soft plastic foam is produced. When plastic body is used, the sound of strictly controlling water is less than 4%.

Other products of polyesters such as vulcanized rubber, building coatings, chemical fibers so on, which are expected to appear foam plastic cavitation, are very strict in water. They do expect the reaction due to the contact of raw materials, organic solvents moisture in cold cold air with acrylic ester.


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