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Wheel  other elastomer combinations
Wheel  other elastomer combinations

Wheel other elastomer combinations

  • Classification:Composite material
  • Release date:2020-09-14 16:39:14
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  • Product overview

The product is used for:

The production of PU wheels is characterized by good wear resistance excellent aging resistance.

Main ingredients:

Material a: combined polyether

Material B: combined diphenylmethane diisocyanate

Product packaging:

Material a: net weight 200kg, blue metal barrel

Material B: net weight 230 kg, red metal barrel

Storage method:

The unused raw materials should be stored in a well sealed barrel to avoid moisture intrusion affecting the quality of raw materials. The ideal storage temperature of raw material is 35 ± 5 ℃, the storage period of material B is 6 months.

Model parameters




Website optimization information:

The reaction of hydroxyl terminated compounds with acrylate, the wholesale of isocyanate plays a key role in the formation of polychlorinated ester. Because of the activity of hydroxyl group the alkalinity, acrylate can react with all kinds of chemical substances containing hydroxyl group convert into substituted urea.

In the formation of PC polycarbonate, low molecular structure acrylamide chemicals are often used as chain extenders. They react with acrylate transform into urea functional groups. With high cohesive functional groups such as carbamate functional groups in biological macromolecules, they constitute the stiffness band of high polymers. In addition, in the case of too many acrylates, this functional group can be further developed It is reflected that the chemical crosslinking structure such as biuret is produced, the modified MDI wholesale can greatly improve the physical properties of the polymer. The application of general polyester for ammonolysis reaction can convert the end methyl group of the traditional methacrylate to the end hydroxyl group, then develop design the excellent varieties of methacrylate based on the enzyme, so as to develop design the "thermally cooled" foaming polymer In addition, based on the polyamine ether of this enzyme, polyurea polymers with faster reaction rate, higher productivity stronger temperature resistance have been developed designed.


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